Brian D. Colvin

Deputy President &
Director of Unpiloted Aerospace Vehicles

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Brian D. Colvin is the Deputy President of Stavatti Aerospace and the Director of Stavatti Unpiloted Aerospace Vehicles (UAVs). Mr. Colvin is also the Chairman & CEO of Stavatti UAVS, Ltd, a sister company of Stavatti Aerospace Ltd organized specifically to design and produce a wide variety of Unpiloted Aerospace Vehicle Systems including drones. Mr. Colvin is also a Director of the Board and Executive Officer for American Video Teleconferencing Corp. (AVOT) as well as MARS Parachutes, Inc. (Multi Aerial Rotor Safety-systems).

A founding partner of MARS, In 2018 Mr. Colvin and the MARS Team expanded Safety-System Technology by teaming with NIAS (Nevada Institute of Autonomous Systems) and expanding to Nevada for testing. Mr. Colvin with Dr. Walach (Director of NIAS) created the first integrated “NIAS NODE” relationship in which Mr. Colvin and his team at MARS
would design, engineer, and operate the Development Lab for international commerce development and testing of drones, flight systems, robotics, machining, and A.I. software development to define, test, and implement FAA Commercial Drone Flight Guidelines. The program would jointly be used with the ARISE Workforce Development Program to train and certify individuals for careers in the commercial drone industry.

Mr. Colvin’s early career concentrated on Information Technology (IT) where his experience includes work with HP, Microsoft, and Compaq. His telecommunications experience includes development and implementation of Global Fiber Networks, Data Center Design, and Cloud Services. Mr. Colvin’s business and financial experience combined with tech centric his knowledge and skills enable him to drive Stavatti UAV forward to bright and bold new horizons.

Mr. Colvin graduated from ATC in 1992 with a degree in computer science and attended WGU between 2014 and 2015 with a focused upon finance. Between 1991 and 1995 Mr. Colvin was with Jaguar Microage and was with National Business Machines/Kodak Danka from 1995 through 1999. Mr. Colvin was with Ikon Office solutions from 1999
through 2003 and International Profit Associates from 2004 through 2010 prior to joining Telecom (Teir 1 Carriers) from 2010 through 2014. In 2014 Mr. Colvin became a founding partner of Mars Parachutes Safety Systems, Inc joining Stavatti Aerospace Ltd in 2019 and founding Stavatti UAVS, Ltd in 2020.

Professional Associations:

Information Systems

Microsoft – MicroAge–Hewlett Packard – Compaq – Xerox – Kodak – Danka – IKON – Ricoh – Canon – Konica Minolta – Sharp


AT&T – Level(3) – CenturyLink – Cogent – TPAC – CoreSite – T5 –NavaSite – Internap – XO Communications – US Signal – ViaWest – Windstream – Digital Realty – SWITCH – Equinix


Wells Fargo, NA – SFPC – IPA/IBA – Allied Financial Group – CRWE – AVOT – SEE Financial Services –BR Equities, Inc.

Companies Founded and Co-Founded

Stavatti UAV Ltd.
MARS Parachutes, Inc.
Crown Equity Holdings, Inc.
SEE Financial Services, Inc.
BR Equities, Inc.