Dr. Adarsh Deepak

Director of Aerosciences


Dr. Adarsh Deepak is the Founder and President of Science and Technology Corporation (STC), an award winning high-technology small business, in operation since 1979, most of whose 280 employees, located at 15 offices, are involved in aerospace/aeronautics, atmospheric sciences, remote sensing, scientific data processing, field testing and evaluation, and public affairs support.

Adarsh has B.S. Honors and Masters degrees in Physics from Delhi University, India, and a Ph.D. (Aerospace Engineering) from University of Florida, Gainesville in 1969 for research on remote sensing of aerosol size distributions in dense fogs. He was awarded a National Research Council Research Associateship at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center (1972–74), to do research on Laser Doppler Velocimetery methods for measurement of wind shears, clear air turbulence, and aircraft wake vortices

He taught Physics and History & Philosophy of Science at two colleges of Delhi University (1959–63) and at University of Florida (1965–68), and was a Research Associate Professor of Physics and Meteorology at Old Dominion University (1974–77), and Adjunct Professor of Physics at College of William and Mary (1979–81). After becoming a naturalized U.S. citizen in 1978, he started STC. He is also the President of Institute for Remote Sensing and Atmospheric Optics (IFAORS), an independent not-for-profit organization he founded in 1977

He is the author/co-author of 100 technical papers, and editor/co-editor of 36 workshop and panel proceedings. He has chaired/co-chaired over 30 conferences and workshops, 8 “blue-ribbon” panels for peer review of NASA and Army programs, 3 international working groups on Global Aerosols; and over 10 technical short courses.

He is an active member of professional organizations, such as AIAA (1970–present, Associate Fellow), Am. Meteorological Society (1970-), and Contract Services Association (Board member, 1996-). He has actively participated in several AIAA Technical Committees, such as Atmospheric Environment (1979–82), Committee on Standards Laser Doppler Velocimetery methods for measurement of wind shears, clear air turbulence, and aircraft wake vortices.

Working Group on Global Aerosol Model (Chair, 1992–2001), and Management (1994–2000); Vice Chair, Programs Sub-committee, (1996–98) and of AIAA Hampton Roads Section Council (1989–92). He was a Member of New Mexico State University Physics Department Advisory Board (1986–89); DoD Lab Review Non-Government NBC Panel (1994); UCLA Atmospheric Sciences Council (1994–96), and Hampton University/Research Center for Optical Physics (RCOP) Advisory Board (1998). He continues to be active in community service activities, such as Third World Foundation of North America (Board Chairman, (1995–97); Peninsula Fine Arts Center in Newport News, VA (Board Member 1994–2000, Vice President 1995–96, and President 1996–98, Board of Advisors 1998–2001); NASA Aeronautics Support Team (NAST) Executive Committee (1999–), Virginia Air & Space Center (VASC), Hampton, VA (Board Member, 2000–); Hindu Temple of Hampton Roads, Chesapeake, VA (Board Member, 2000–); and VASC Fund Raising Committee (2001–).

Dr. Deepak has received several awards/honors, such as the 1990 Small Minority Business Man of the Year Award from SBA Richmond District, and the 2000 Delta Beta Lambda Community Service Award from the Hampton Chapter of the prestigious black fraternity Alpha Phi Alpha, founded in 1906.

He lives with his wife Patricia in Poquoson, Virginia.