Brian D. Colvin

Director of Unpiloted Aerospace Vehicles

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Brian D. Colvin is Director of Unpiloted Systems/Stavatti UAV for Stavatti Aerospace Ltd. A highly-skilled professional with years of experience across diverse industries, his specialized skills in management, planning, and analysis allow him to develop success strategies that propel businesses forward. He brings extensive and varied experience to his role with Stavatti UAV, and Stavatti Aerospace. The distinctive characteristic which differentiates him is his expertise in both finance and technology. His wealth of experience in both scientific and technological sectors has given him specialized insight into the logistics of project management from the perspective of both planning and execution.

Brian possesses over twenty years of high-level financial experience including analysis and process improvement for fortune-500 companies and leadership roles within multi-billion dollar global companies. His business management and fiscal analysis have been an integral part of maximizing performance, lowering costs, and generating increased revenue for a variety of companies he’s had the distinction of working with. Outside of the financial services sector, he has established an impressive resume in the world of technology.

Brian has over two decades of experience in technology which includes IT work (with HP, Microsoft, and Compaq,) Aerospace tech, and Communications. His communications experience includes high-tech service in the realm of Global Fiber Networks, Data Center Design, and Cloud Services. As part of the Aerospace industry, Brian helped to form a successful Drone company nearly ten years ago and has since continued to develop and transform the industry. Brian’s business and financial experience teamed with his knowledge and skills within a wide range of tech concepts allow him to keep Stavatti UAV driving forward to bold and bright new horizons.

Professional Associations:

Information Systems

Microsoft – MicroAge–Hewlett Packard – Compaq – Xerox – Kodak – Danka – IKON – Ricoh – Canon – Konica Minolta – Sharp


AT&T – Level(3) – CenturyLink – Cogent – TPAC – CoreSite – T5 –NavaSite – Internap – XO Communications – US Signal – ViaWest – Windstream – Digital Realty – SWITCH – Equinix


Wells Fargo, NA – SFPC – IPA/IBA – Allied Financial Group – CRWE – AVOT – SEE Financial Services –BR Equities, Inc.

Companies Founded and Co-Founded

Stavatti UAV Ltd.
MARS Parachutes, Inc.
Crown Equity Holdings, Inc.
SEE Financial Services, Inc.
BR Equities, Inc.