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Stavatti Aerospace Ltd is an aircraft manufacturer focused on the design and production of military, commercial and general aviation aircraft. Stavatti was formed with a vision to change the way aircraft are designed and built in order to improve efficiency, quality, safety and performance while reducing the cost of ownership and operation. Benefiting from designs, methods and approaches that are revolutionary, Stavatti will produce aerospace vehicles that offer greater capabilities, greater efficiencies and significantly greater levels of affordability.

Stavatti is about producing families of advanced aircraft ranging from Sportplanes and Military Trainers, to Air Superiority Fighters and Commercial Airliners. Engaging in the research, design, development, flight test, certification, qualification, manufacture, sale, service and logistical support of new and original aircraft and aerospace vehicles, Stavatti aircraft will be produced in piloted, remotely unpiloted and autonomous unpiloted configurations. Creating new aerospace vehicles as either wholly owned programs or as joint venture projects with Strategic Partners, aircraft now under development include:Stavatti has a vision that spans multiple products over many decades. Implementing a comprehensive strategic plan, Stavatti’s new aircraft will be rapidly developed and produced over the next 25 years to expeditiously grow the company into a major manufacturer of aerospace vehicles for civil, commercial and military customers.

Employing a lean development and manufacturing approach, Stavatti will pioneer, qualify and field new breakthrough technologies including advanced scandium and aluminum lithium alloys, new foam metal sandwich structures, new reciprocating and gas turbine powerplants, novel high temperature composites, high temperature metal ceramics, remarkable crew display, interface and control technologies, advanced radar and sensor technologies as well as new avionics and airborne computers. A unique technology enterprise, Stavatti develops aircraft of novel configuration and integrates their propriety airframes with game-changing technologies to achieve capabilities that will become a new standard for excellence.

A summary of Stavatti Products and Capabilities is provided in the Stavatti Aerospace Briefing that may be downloaded as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file:


Stavatti Aerospace is led by Chairman and CEO, Christopher R. Beskar. Mr. Beskar is Stavatti’s Strategic Leader and Chief Designer. Mr. Beskar founded Stavatti Aerospace Ltd in 2014. Supporting Mr. Beskar, Stavatti is guided by a qualified management team and board of directors. Owning an established corporate culture, Stavatti’s leadership approach emphasizes growth and individual achievement. Concentrating upon a leadership driven methodology, that stresses individual responsibility, Stavatti is focused upon Leadership rather than Management. Individuals employed on Stavatti program teams are of significant talent and ability.

In so doing, a tightly-knit group is integrated with a single goal in-mind: produce a fantastic product. The organizational mission of Stavatti Aerospace is to provide a leadership framework that can guide and direct the operations of a substantial aerospace manufacturer that is engaged in multiple product programs. On the operations level, each specific aircraft program team, will maintain their own program management, sales and production groups specific to their particular program. Stavatti Aerospace will employ a specific executive leadership team that will provide program strategic leadership. To ensure scientists, developers and engineers maintain stable employment, Stavatti Aerospace manages program engineering talent, transferring engineers from one project to another based upon program needs. The result is an enterprise that maintains a core group of management and engineering talent that is then applied to specific projects that are focused upon certification, production, distribution and sale of their particular project, as well as effectively undertake multiple programs simultaneously.


Stavatti aircraft are developed and produced by a specific Stavatti program/project team that draws from the strategic leadership, management and enterprise assets of Stavatti Aerospace Ltd. From a business perspective, each project is undertaken as a stand-alone, independently incorporated business that is owned in-part by Stavatti Aerospace and in-part by a joint venture Strategic Partner. Organized to enable each aircraft program to be independently managed and financed while isolating the greater Stavatti Aerospace enterprise from liability exposure, all aircraft projects will involve engineering, development and production elements contributed by partners throughout the aerospace enterprise.

Drawing from the capabilities of organic Integrated Program Teams as well as strategic partners and Integrated Program Teams, Stavatti is able to undertake multiple advanced aircraft development and production projects simultaneously through the orchestration and proper deployment of capable teams. Stavatti has significant capabilities to draw from including over 2,500 qualified persons in USA and worldwide to immediately provide engineering, development, production and business solutions.


Stavatti Aerospace performs the complete engineering design and development of new aircraft beginning with concept development, through advanced and detail design phases. Engineering includes completion of concept and feasibility studies, business planning, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Finite Element Analysis (FEA), complete engineering and detail parts design using tools including SolidWorks Premium, CATIA and Creo. Wind tunnel testing is contracted to centers including Calspan, NASA centers and the T-35 subsonic and T-38 trisonic facilities. Wind tunnel testing may also be conducted at University Wind Tunnels including those of Wichita State, the Air Force Academy and Belgrade University. Stavatti is responsible for all aspects of engineering and serves as program lead for all projects. Stavatti currently has engineering teams in the United States and worldwide and can delegate engineering activities per strategic partnership agreements. Stavatti’s engineering philosophy emphasizes the importance of superior concept design married to sound business plans that address valuable niche markets or clearly apparent commercial opportunities. From a solid concept, advanced and detailed engineering is conducted using an Integrated Project Team (IPT) dedicated to complete system engineering throughout the design life of the vehicle.


Stavatti Aerospace will conduct military aircraft flight testing using contracted flight test centers including the Air Force Flight Test Center (AFFTC) at Edwards AFB. Stavatti naval aircraft are flight tested at NAS Pax River. Stavatti can also perform flight testing at dedicated facilities throughout the US, Europe and New Zealand. Stavatti may contract Calspan to provide In-Flight Simulation of aircraft flight control laws prior to first flight. Stavatti benefits from in-house DERs for certification with an emphasis upon certifying aircraft to the FAA FAR Part 23 and FAR Part 25 standard. Stavatti also outsources qualified organizations, such as AESI, to perform FAA type certification. Military aircraft are certified to Military 516B standards.


Stavatti Aerospace produces all prototype aircraft in-house from systems, components and major subassemblies produced by qualified industry team members. Stavatti benefits from a 100+ member industry team to supply the highest quality systems for final in-house integration and assembly. For production of aircraft for the US DoD, Stavatti selects US based Industry Team Members and manufacturing partners to provide 100% of all airframe systems, components and equipment to ensure 100% compliance with the Buy American Act. Stavatti will perform primary assembly, systems integration and flight check of all production aircraft at a Stavatti Final Assembly Plant. Immediate prototyping and production work is being conducted at facilities in the USA. Stavatti conducts all prototyping using low cost, flexible tooling and rapid prototyping methods, including laser metal scintering for low volume prototyping.


Stavatti will establish our primary aircraft manufacturing and assembly plant in the United States. Principal locations now under consideration include the Niagara Falls Intenrational Airport, San Bernardino International Airport and the Dulles International Airport. Stavatti is also considering over 50 other potential airport based sites and manufacturing centers throughout the USA. In addition to US production facilities, Stavatti has established a branch office in Vinnytsia, Ukraine and anticipated establishing an aircraft manufacturing and final assembly plant in Ukraine. Stavatti may also produce aircraft at the 925,000 sq ft aircraft production center in Pancevo, Serbia through our Strategic Partnership. For aircraft produced in Pancevo, final assembly of aircraft will occur at either the Pancevo center (for aircraft for the European market) or the United States (for aircraft for the North and South American market). Production may be conducted at other facilities worldwide based upon specific end-user customer agreements.

Specific aircraft development and manufacturing programs will require both the selection of a production, assembly and completion center. Planned to support production at production rates that span 50 to 3,000 aircraft annually, Stavatti will require dedicated manufacturing facilities that total 250,000 to over 2,000,000 sq ft including dedicated Office and Administration Centers, Manufacturing Plants, Final Assembly Plants and Paint and Completion Centers. It is desired that these facilities are co-located at a single integrated facility or facility campus. To support final assembly, the production facilities must be located at an airport with a runway that is at least 7,000 ft long and 100 ft wide with a minimum of 40 acres. Stavatti has evaluated over 50 potential site locations at which to establish one or more production centers. Possibilities include the acquisition of an existing facility that is available for sale, or the leasing of an existing facility or the construction of new greenfield facilities at a suitable airport. Possible existing sites include facilities in Niagara Falls, NY as well as existing facilities in Dayton, OH or San Bernardino, CA or Tucson, AZ or new build sites at the Dulles International Airport. International locations in nations including Taiwan, Canada, Ukraine and New Zealand are also under consideration in addition to facilities in Serbia.


With 15 production machines, the San Bernardino Center is a sustained product oriented, manufacturing machine shop equipped with CNC mills, industrial engine lathes, band saws, drill presses, non-destructive testing and inspection equipment. Developing all products in-house, engineering is performed, including FEA and CFD testing using custom workstations equipped with SolidWorks Premium CAD software. Part stress testing is conducted using in-house test rigs and stress/strain instrumentation. The center is located in the Tri City Industrial Park and is 3 miles away from the San Bernardino International Airport in support of Stavatti aircraft prototype production and flight testing. All oil field tools produced at this facility are certified by Det Norske Veritas (DNV). The center produced landing gear systems to MIL SPEC in satisfaction of the Lockheed Quality Standard for the C-130A and P2V. The center is undergoing ISO 9000/9001 certification.

With 68 production machines and over 925,000 sq ft of manufacturing floor, the Pancevo Center is an aircraft production and assembly facility with comprehensive manufacturing capabilities including CNC mills, industrial engine lathes, hydraulic presses, grinders, furnaces, corrosion protection application systems and polycarbonate forming capability. Capable of manufacturing both aircraft parts as well as performing the final assembly and finishing of aircraft, the center is a fully integrated aircraft design, development, production and support facility. The facility is located at the Pancevo Airport (LYPA) that is used by UTVA for all flight test, evaluation and delivery operations. Stavatti anticipates expanding the airport to feature a 7,000 to 10,000 ft hard-surface runway to support anticipated manufacturing, flight test and delivery operations. Pancevo is located approximately 11 miles North East of Belgrade.

The center has achieved ISO 9001 quality assurance certification and has been certified by Boeing since 1990 as an airframe parts and assemblies manufacturer. As a Boeing certified supplier, the center has produced machined and sheet metal aircraft parts, tools and assemblies, including slats, wing tips and floor supports, for Boeing 737, 747 and 757 aircraft. The center was qualified in 1988 by Tupolev as a manufacturer of tools and parts for the Tu-204 and by Ilyushin as a parts manufacturer for a 1:2 scale mock-up for wind tunnel testing for the Il-114. During the 1980s the center was qualified to produce parts and assemblies for the Optical Lovaux light reconnaissance aircraft and the Norman Fieldmaster heavy agricultural aircraft. As a Stavatti production center, the Pancevo facility will re-certify or renew all quality standards.