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Success of Stavatti aircraft, from prototype to production, will result from the combined efforts of Team Stavatti and its Industry Team Members (ITMS). As the Prime Contractor and Systems Integrator, Stavatti is responsible for the design, qualification, final assembly and support of the all Stavatti aircraft. The design, manufacturing and production of airframes will be performed largely in-house by Stavatti. Major aircraft components, including specific wing and fuselage modules, aircraft powerplant, landing gear, wheels and brakes, armament systems, avionics, canopy, flight control systems, electronic warfare systems, etc. will be designed and produced by the proven contractors on Team Stavatti. Stavatti will contract over 200 different ITMs located in over 20 states. Conducting most projects as international programs, Stavatti ITMs will include resident businesses of more than 15 nations worldwide. Stavatti industry team members are ISO 9000/9001/9002 certified and will meet the AS/EN/JISQ9100 standard.


Stavatti is continuously selecting industry team members to participate in aerospace vehicle development and manufacturing programs throughout the various stages of the program life-cycle. If you represent an industry leading aerospace prime contractor, subcontractor or proven Small Disadvantaged Business and you believe your products are the best in their class, then you belong on our industry team.

Potential industry team members should be enterprises with at least five years experience in the aerospace defense industry. Stavatti does prefer small businesses to large contractors as we require personal attention. Stavatti programs require a great amount of forward thinking and a desire to work hard and try new things. Approximately 80% of the systems Stavatti obtains from vendors are proven, current production, off-the-shelf systems with a history of program success, or cutting-edge derivatives of proven systems. The remaining 20% consists of entirely unique, customized systems for Stavatti applications that must be built precisely for Stavatti requirements.

Stavatti hand-picks all of our subcontractors and we largely employ firm fixed contracts. Stavatti designs in a SolidWorks/CATIA CAD environment and adheres to paperless business practices whenever possible. Stavatti focuses upon the use of FEA and CFD modeling as well as a reasonable quantity of wind tunnel testing. Stavatti builds hard, full-scale mock-ups and produces conformal prototypes from the onset. Stavatti embraces Risk With Certainty. Stavatti is very interested in improving aerospace vehicle quality, capability and general design. To reduce the burden to subcontractors, Stavatti does not engage in Just-In-Time practices but rather recognizes the value of the strategic warehousing of specialized components. If you are a firm that is developing products or has a product which can help dramatically improve air and space vehicles, we want to meet you regardless of prior aerospace experience.

Stavatti does prefer new industry team members to have proven and established aerospace products as well as internal corporate accounting and management systems capable of implementing all FAR compliance, FAA compliance and ITAR compliance needs. Potential Industry team members should have an existing DoD facility security clearance or be capable of qualifying for a facility security clearance. Foreign potential team members must be incorporated in and conduct all business from a NATO member nation or alternate US ally. Stavatti conducts all business correspondence in the English Language and uses English/US Standard Metrics.

The best way to introduce your capabilities to Stavatti is to send us an email or package by mail complete with a letter of introduction stating who you are, where you are, what you make/do, what other aerospace vehicle/defense programs your products are flying on, and what you believe you can contribute to the Stavatti team/bring to the table. Include brochures and product literature. We are more impressed by engineering documents than boilerplate marketing materials. Stavatti typically contacts potential partners within two to four weeks of submission receipt.

Stavatti is continually searching for supply chain partners to participate in current core programs or to join in on the ground floor of new programs which are just beginning to enter concept development. If you believe your firm could benefit the Stavatti Industry Team Contact Stavatti via email or complete the accompanying online Potential Industry Team Member/Supplier Registration Form.


The following Form allows qualified contractors and suppliers to register their desire to become a Stavatti Industry Team Member. Interested contractors should provide as much detail as possible, including information regarding what aerospace vehicles you presently have provided component/products/services for as well as which ongoing Stavatti core programs you believe your firm may best serve. All inquiries are forwarded directly to Stavatti’s Aerospace Supply Chain Management. Please allow up to five business days to receive a formal response from Stavatti Aerospace. Please note that submission of your registration does not qualify you as a Supplier/Industry Team Member for Stavatti Aerospace, nor obligate Stavatti to solicit a request for quotation. All of the data you provide within the Registration Form will be used in evaluating your company as a potential Stavatti supplier.

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