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Stavatti Aerospace conducts principal business operations in San Bernardino, CA and Pancevo, Serbia. Stavatti also maintains an office in Buffalo, NY and has direct representation in Dayton, Ohio, Washington, D.C. and other support locations worldwide. Stavatti Aerospace is domiciled in Eagan, Minnesota. A summary of principal and anticipated Stavatti facilities and locations is provided:


In May of 2016 Stavatti’s diversified industrial manufacturing division, Stavatti Industries Ltd., acquired the production capabilities and manufacturing equipment of Hybrid Technology Inc., based in San Bernardino, California. This led to a strategic partnership with Hybrid Technology and the formation of Stavatti’s San Bernardino Center.

The San Bernardino Center serves as both a site location for Stavatti Aerospace and Stavatti Industries, as well as an engineering, prototyping, machining, manufacturing and production center for both Stavatti and Hybrid Technology. The center’s products include oil field tools and equipment, including cementing heads, as well as landing gear systems, centrifugal and boundary layer turbines and trailer systems, all of which are produced and co-marketed under the Stavatti brand. Stavatti has expanded production to include airframe structures, prototype aircraft, drones, armor, armament systems, and industrial component manufacturing. The center is located in the Tri City Industrial Park and is 3 miles away from the San Bernardino International Airport in support of Stavatti aircraft prototype production and flight testing.

Stavatti is considering expanding our operational presence in San Bernardino to include a dedicated engineering, prototyping and production center at the San Bernardino International Airport (KSBD). This center would be an aircraft manufacturing and final assembly plant and would serve as the principal facility for new aircraft development and prototyping in the United States.


In April 2017 Stavatti Aerospace entered into a Strategic Partnership Agreement with Jugoimport-SDPR and its sister company UTVA Avio Industrija d.o.o. (UTVA) located in Pancevo, Serbia  for the purpose of developing and producing new and legacy aircraft, as well as aircraft and aerospace vehicle parts. This strategic partnership resulted in what is now Stavatti’s Pancevo Center.

The Pancevo Center provides Stavatti Aerospace Ltd (Stavatti) with the immediate capability and capacity to produce aircraft and aerospace vehicle parts, components and systems. A 925,000 sq ft aircraft manufacturing plant, the Pancevo Center can employ up to 2,500 qualified aerospace machinists and assembly workers who are capable of prototyping and producing Stavatti aircraft and aerospace products. With a 70 year history of producing aircraft, this center can serve as a principal manufacturing center for Stavatti aircraft for both the European and global market.

The Stavatti-UTVA partnership is a multi-fold relationship focused upon the production of new design as well as legacy aircraft. Serving as a Stavatti production center a variety of planned civil aircraft,  the Pacevo Center will serve as manufacturing hub for aircraft produced for the European, Middle East and African markets. This facility can also produce components and integrated assemblies for final aircraft assembly and completion in the USA.


In 2002 Stavatti established the Western New York office, Located at 4455 Genesee Street, Buffalo, NY 14225. This office is managed by Dr. Robert Sugarman, Stavatti Director of Human Factors Engineering.


Stavatti’s Corporate Headquarters and Registered Office is located in Eagan, Minnesota. While Stavatti has since relocated operational headquarters, the Eagan office remains an operating registered office. As Eagan remains a strong center for Minnesota’s aerospace defense industry, Stavatti anticipates that an new engineering development center will be established in Eagan prior to 2025 to conduct the design, development and production of novel aircraft, aircraft systems including proprietary flight controls, avionics, sensors, navigation system, communication systems and synthetic intelligence. An international headquarters and principal engineering center for Stavatti Aerospace may also be established in Eagan in the years to come.