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Deane Joyce is an Adviser for Stavatti Aerospace Ltd joining the Stavatti team in 2010. Deane was born the third son of Richard and Elizabeth Joyce in Port Augusta, South Australia, in 1969. Soon after his family moved to the East Coast of Australia, settling in the internationally diverse university town of Armidale.

At age three Deane began a long and successful association with all things to do with water.  His father was building a boat when Deane asked whether he could sail on the boat with him. Deane’s father told him he would have to be able to swim 50 meters, before he could. True to form, on his 4th birthday Deane swam 50 meters freestyle and promptly demanded his first crewing position.

At age 11 Deane won his first solo sailing race. In school Deane loved to learn as much about everything as he could, reveling in extra curricular activities. In addition to being at various times Captain of the Soccer, Basketball, and Cricket teams, Deane studied drama for 4 years in an after High School program and developed his own games on an old “Vic 20” personal computer.

By age 18 Deane was ready for bigger challenge and enlisted as a Rating (Deck Boy) in the Australian Merchant Navy. A year later he secured a 250,000 AUD Scholarship and became an Office Trainee or Deck Cadet with the Australian National Line. Within four years Deane had earned the prestigious rank of Senior Cadet (the highest ranking cadet in the Australian fleet). As an Officer, Deane once more excelled, making 2nd mate (No.3 in charge) within 5 years of joining the Merchant Navy. By the age of 27 he racked up enough sea time to be 6 months away from his Master’s “ticket” (a feat often not normally achieved until the mid-30s). During his time at sea as an Officer, Deane, unarmed, thwarted two pirate attacks with no loss of life or injury to his vessel. He also set a world record for most container moves with non-computerized gear (48 moves per hour) while using union labor (the record at the time using computerized non-union labor was 56 moves per hour in the port of Osaka).

During his last few years at sea, when in Australia, Deane lectured at James Cook University, on Meteorology, Ship Engineering Structures, and Navigation. Deane would probably still be enjoying his successful career at sea if not for one thing. He fell in love with and married an American girl who wanted to make a life together on land. In 1999, after a year’s stay in Australia with his new wife, Deane found himself living in the suburbs of Washington, DC and looking for a new career on land.  Deane used his flexible disposition and computer experience to take a job in e-commerce programming for Daly Computers, of Gaithersburg MD.

In March 2002 Deane incorporated Cru.cx, Inc., focused on development of his proprietary concept developing the hardware required to allow first responders to view information being transmitted to State Emergency Centers. This resulted in a 6 unit 2 man carry blade server cluster called “Mobilguard” capable of handling a quarter of the Pentagon’s voice telephone traffic. In April 2007 Deane co-founded Cermetica Holdings Inc where he served as CEO until August 2013. Focused on the development and commercialization of Georgia Tech co-developed non-carbothermic Titanium Diboride cermets, Deane Negotiated exclusive IP licenses to form the core multi-functional material nucleus of the company with the initial potential of over Five Billion in USD markets. Developed Applied Risk Space Analysis theory to create a quantitative predictive analysis methodology that could be applied to any system. Deane also  negotiated 15 Million USD equity investment for a subsidiary valuing the company at 1Million USD per equity point. Deane Refined processes, defined logistic lines of supply to determine the most viable sites world wide, monitoring new talent and guiding development of new technology in materials, the application of materials in energy and mass production techniques. Deane interfaced with  “Green Energy” industry leaders on a regular basis.



Publish Date: November 2019
Contact Tel: (301) 991-2841
Contact Email: media@stavatti.com
Linked-In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/deanejoyce

Dimitriy Giebeler serves as the Executive Vice President for Stavatti Aerospace Ltd. Dimitriy also serves as the Regional Director of Stavatti-Ukraine headquartered in Vinnitsa, Ukraine. As Executive Vice President, Dimitriy is accountable to the President and Board and is responsible for implementing Stavatti’s mission, core principles and policies as established by the Board. As a Regional Director, Dimitry’s primary responsibility is business strategy and development in Ukraine as well as other US allied nations throughout Eastern Europe.

Dimitriy was born in Ukraine during the final years of the Soviet era. He attended primary school in Ukraine until the age of 14 when he moved to California. After making a transition to a new country, Dimitriy finished school at early age and began working for local companies. He worked in different fields and gained the experience and knowledge he needed to build a foundation. After few years of work he began studying international business, accounting and business banking. Dimitriy graduated with Business and Accounting Degree and begun working in the oil industry with a focus on oil field tooling and machinery.

For the next decade Dimitriy worked in the oil business, working directly with companies including Halliburton, Weatherford, BP, Baker Hughes-GE and many other oil field leaders. He gained over 10 years of needed experience in international business and advanced to new levels business development. During this time Dimitriy became a naturalized US Citizen and trained to become a private pilot. Without hesitation, Dimitriy proudly joined Stavatti Aerospace in 2015, initially serving as a Regional Director for Business Development in Ukraine. By doing so Dimitriy brought his knowledge and many years of experience in management and organization skills. Earning the position of Executive Vice President in the Spring of 2018, with his guidance the Stavatti Team continues taking firm steps forward towards accomplishing its goals and embracing new opportunities

Publish Date: May 2018
Contact Tel: (909) 800-6985
Contact Email: media@stavatti.com
website: https://stavatti-ukraine.com.ua/en/

Thomas S. Duffy is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Stavatti Aerospace Ltd joining the Stavatti team in March 2017.

Thomas has a wealth of experience in business execution, successfully directing a number of sourcing customers towards their goals and objectives. Thomas successfully achieved rapid returns on investment providing services that allowed revenue turnaround with staggering speed. The Founder, President and CEO of Venture Capital International, LLC, the firm was established in 2006 to assist companies most poised for near-term success. A private equity firm, Venture Capital International serves as a mandate for private funds and is focused primarily in the Entertainment, Technology, Biotech and Green-Energy sectors, investing over $200 Million into specific companies. Recent projects that Thomas has selected have included clinical trials, which, after funding, have garnered FDA approval.

With over twenty-five years of experience in merchant banking, extensive networking abilities and business operational knowledge, Thomas has lead Venture Capital International, LLC to consistently deliver positive financial returns to investors on every project since its inception, with some projects yielding over a 200% return within a twelve to eighteen month period.

Prior to founding Venture Capital International, LLC, Thomas was President at Tuthill LLC, a commercial and venture capital fund of over $100 million dollars concentrated in the lending of hard money from 1997-2006. At Tuthill, LLC, Thomas honed his abilities to negotiate “win-win” deal terms that motivate portfolio company management teams yet provide solid governance, control and protection for investors.

Thomas was also a Partner at TDI Inc. where he managed over 100 residential real estate projects in the New York Tri-State area, with sales in excess of $1.5 million annually. He spearheaded project development of the waterfront in Jersey City, NJ, and Weehawken, NJ and lead a team of twenty-five in the development of a sixty story residential tower.

With extensive experience in the Energy, Manufacturing, Software, High Tech, Internet, Digital Media, Digital Advertising, Aerospace and Biotech industries, professional specialties include:

• Public Equity & Debt Financing
• Mergers & Acquisitions
• Budgeting & Forecasting, Operations Review
• Turnaround Management
• Business Organization & Restructuring
• Strategic Planning
• Revenue Recognition SOP 97-2
• Valuations & Impairments
• All SEC matters: Reporting, Inquiries & Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX)
• System Implementations: Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft, Great Plains, Cognos
• Tax Management
• Negotiations
• Competitive analysis

Thomas is a Past-President of the Fairfield Connecticut Chapter of Business Network International and is called upon to act as a Bio-tech ,Real Estate and Financial Consultant to New York City think-tank, Gerson-Lehman Group. He was awarded National Republican Congressional Committee Businessman of the Year in 2007, New Jersey Better Business Bureau Man of the Year in 2006 and Council Businessman of the Year from 1997-2001 by the Bergen County, New Jersey Chamber of Commerce. Thomas attended Fordham University in New York where he studied business.

Publish Date: May 2018
Contact Tel: (203) 775-9999
Contact Email: media@stavatti.com
website: https://venturecapital-advisors.com/about/
Linked-In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tduffy/

Jeffrey A. Gongoll is Stavatti’s Corporate Secretary. Jeff’s professional experience includes leadership positions as President & CEO of the Elk River Area Chamber of Commerce, Chair (President) of the Elk River Economic Development Authority, as Chair of a large expanding public school district, as a leader of a local business/education partnership and chairman of numerous local events and organizations. Additional experience includes over 18 years in commercial and industrial development, project management, property management and business development in the public and private sectors.

This background has afforded Jeff the opportunity to work with municipal and government government officials and gain a working understanding of the project approval process. Jeff has managed projects involving the development of a major grocery store, office/warehouse industrial buildings and commercial/retail facilities in large hub airport terminals. Jeff has also assisted communities in establishing business incubators, local investment/venture capital clubs, and provides management services to start-up businesses assisting in business plan development and financing alternatives.

Jeff has a Bachelor of Science in Urban Studies from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN and a Masters Degree in Public Administration from Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ.

Professional/Community Associations:

Elk River Economic Development Authority
Mayoral appointment 1988;
President 1991 – 1997; 2000 – Present
Vice-Chair, Business Park Task Force
Chair, City Permit & Review Process Task Force
Business Incubator Committee
Finance Committee Chair, Elk River Economic Development Strategic Plan
Elk River Comprehensive Plan Review Task Force
Anoka/Sherburne County Capital Fund Technical & Investment Advisory Committee
Minnesota Technology, Inc. Advisory Council
Chair, Elk River Area School Board – District 728
Coordinator, Education To Employment Partnership
Chair, Elk River New Ice Arena Task Force

Past Memberships:

Rogers Area Chamber of Commerce
Associated Builders & Contractors, Inc.
Minnesota Shopping Center Association
National Association of Industrial & Office Properties
Airport Ground Transportation Association
American Association of Airport Executives
Economic Development Council of Maine


Publish Date: May 2018
Contact Tel: (651) 238-5369
Contact Email: media@stavatti.com
Linked-In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeffgongoll/

Christopher R. Beskar is the founder, Chairman and CEO of Stavatti Aerospace, Ltd. The creative force driving Team Stavatti, Chris is responsible for the design of its aircraft, as well as the company’s strategic direction. A vocal advocate for Close Air Support (CAS), Chris is responsible for the SM-27 Turboprop and SM-28 Turbofan Machete all-weather attack aircraft.

Revolutionizing aerospace, in concert with the Machete family, Chris is spear-heading next generation aircraft projects including the SM-39 Razor Air Dominance Fighter, the SM-36 Stalma Multi-Role Fighter, the SM-100 Transport and other aircraft as private sector sponsored, IR&D commercial programs. Committed to dramatically reducing the cost of general aviation while increasing aircraft utility and cabin comfort, Chris is also concentrating upon new private aircraft that are affordable to own and operate.

Flying since the age of nine, Chris was introduced to aviation by his father, a commercially rated flight instructor and Alaskan Bush Pilot. Designing his first airplane while in the eighth grade, by the tenth grade Chris had submitted an unsolicited proposal for an advanced fifth generation fighter aircraft to a DoD user agency. The positive reception resulting from that proposal launched his career in the field of military aircraft design before he graduated high school. Culminating in a multi-year experimental demonstrator aircraft project, this effort formed the foundation for future Stavatti combat aircraft designs.

Chris attended the University of Wisconsin-River Falls where he earned a BS in Physics and a Minor in History. While a sophomore he founded Stavatti Corporation to design and produce tomorrow’s military, commercial, and general aviation aircraft as well as manned space vehicles. In 1995 while a junior in college he established Stavatti Reconnaissance Systems (SRS) as a division of Stavatti to satisfy special access/compartmentalized contracts focused on Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance (ISR) aircraft in support of a defense intelligence customer. In 1996, while a University Senior, Chris was the Grand Prize Winner for the NASA Tech Briefs Technology Transfer-Letter Writing Contest which focused upon the transfer of NASA spin-off technology to private industry.

Upon graduation, Chris joined Stavatti full-time. In April of 2014 Chris reorganized the company, founding Stavatti Aerospace Ltd. Chris is currently the CEO and Chief Designer for Stavatti Aerospace. Initially concentrating upon air defense fighters, Stavatti’s focus has broadened to include the diverse array of new designs now under development today forming the basis of an enterprise that will last generations to come. Chris also serves on the Boards of a variety of other companies including Hybrid Technology Inc. Chris is pioneering innovative approaches to controlled high temperature Hydrogen-Boron fusion and is laying the foundation to establish shipyards to produce manned interplanetary and interstellar spacecraft.

Chris has been a member of the American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) where he was the youngest member of the Technical Management Committee and served as the Chairman of the Awards Subcommittee for the Hap Arnold and Von Braun Awards for Excellence in Aerospace Program Management from 2002 through 2013. Chris has also been a member of the AFA, EAA, AOPA, Society of Physics Students and other associations. As a private pilot, Chris has over 2,000 hours in various aircraft.

Publish Date: May 2018
Contact Tel: (651) 238-5369
Contact Email: media@stavatti.com
website: https://www.chrisbeskar.com
Linked-In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chris-beskar-8804991