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Stavatti Response to USAF Advanced Pilot Training (APT) RFI

Stavatti Aerospace

April 30, 2009

On Thursday, April 30th, Stavatti Aerospace submitted a 47-page formal response to the Advanced Pilot Training Family of Systems Program Request for Information issued by the USAF-Aeronautical Systems Center, ASC/XRS, 2275 D Street, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH 45433-7224. The Stavatti response proposed the SM-47T APT to succeed the T-38C Talon. The SM-47T is a new design, next generation supersonic Advanced Pilot Trainer developed by Stavatti as a privately spon- sored, commercial venture to satisfy the global market for a T-38 Talon successor in the 2017 time-frame.

The SM-47T is a variant of the SM-47 Super Machete and will be produced in two models: the single-seat SM-47S Air Defense Fighter and the two-seat tandem SM-47T. Currently under development and sched- uled to enter Full Rate Production in 2016, the SM-47T will be powered by a single GEAE F414-GE-400 EDE afterburning turbofan. The design benefits from forward swept wings, all moving canard foreplanes, and all moving horizontal stabilizers. Of advanced alloy and composite construction, and featuring digital full-authority Fly-By-Wire, the SM-47T will be equipped with an advanced all-glass cockpit designed for HMDS interoperability. The SM-47T is a practical solution for APT and DACT, providing 5th generation fighter capability at 4th generation costs. The Stavatti APT industry team will include over 110 primary suppliers and subcontractors with major SM- 47T suppliers including SDS International, L-3 Link Training & Simulation, General Electric Aircraft Engines, L-3 Display Systems, Martin Baker, Lockheed Martin-Radar Systems, Raytheon, General Dynamics AIS, General Dynamics Armament Systems, and BAE Systems. The Machete series, including the SM-27S/T Turboprop, SM-27J/L Turbofan and SM-47S/T Super Machete, is a family of modular COunter-INsurgency (COIN), Close Air Support (CAS), Forward Air Con- trol (FAC), Advanced Trainer (AT), Lightweight Fighter (LWF), Lead-In Fighter (LIF), Air Defense Fighter (ADF), Dissimilar Air Combat Training (DACT) and Advanced Pilot Training (APT) aircraft. Developed as a privately sponsored, corporate initiative to satisfy anticipated COIN/CAS and LWF/APT needs, the Machete will provide efficient, highly survivable warfighter air support.

Stavatti Aerospace Ltd. is an innovative aerospace defense enterprise focused on the design, development, and production of next generation aerospace vehicles. Stavatti Aerospace Ltd. is a privately held American Corporation with a CAGE Code of 8GT89.


Please direct all questions to:

Chris Beskar
Stavatti Aerospace Ltd.