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Embrace your future at Stavatti by submitting your Resume, Portfolio (when applicable) and Cover Letter to Stavatti Human Resources. Stavatti welcomes your interest in joining our team and will readily accept your application package which may be sent by mail or submitted electronically. 

Hard copy submissions may be sent directly to: 

Stavatti Aerospace
Attn: Human Resources
PO Box 211258
Eagan, MN 55121 USA

Electronic submissions may be sent by email directly to:


Stavatti Human Resources preferes to have all electronic resumes, cover letters and portfolios to be sent as either Adobe Acrobat PDF files or as Microsoft Office Word docs. Please do not submit electronic resume packages in excess of 5 Mb file size. 

All resumes and job applications send to Stavatti Human Resorces are held in the strictest confidence and remain on file for a period of no less than 120 days.

As a strategic organization, Stavattti reviews all candidate resumes thoroughly and our trained staff of human resources professionals considers each candiate on an individual basis, compairing their skill set to all available openings. When you apply for a position at Stavatti, we do not consider you for a single position, but for multiple possible positions in which your expertise may be best utilized. An organization which relishes generalists, Stavatti is not in the business of specialization. Consequently we are interested in aeromechanical engineers with a background in control theory who have a Ph.D. in mechanical design and a B.S. in psychology. As such, there are many distinct opportunities at Stavatti for talented individuals.

Prospective employees will be contacted by Stavatti either by phone or email within 5 business days of their resume submission. Stavatti Human Resources usually arranges/schedules a face-to-face, or in cases of geographic distance, a telephone interview following the initial contact. Stavatti typically conducts two interviews prior to selecting a candidate for a position at Stavatti.

Stavatti does not gaurentee the availablity of employment opportunities and while appreciates any and all resume submissions, typically only solicites external resumes in response to posted employment opportunities. Stavatti posts current employment opportunities on this website as well as within industry periodicals (AW&ST) and occassionally using employment search engines (Dice.com, etc.). Stavatti welcomes submissions and applications in response to our current employment opportunity postings.


To expedite your resume submission process, Stavatti encourages the your completion and submission of the electronic Online Resume Submission Form. This form provides general and background information about you directly to Stavatti Human Resources while permiting the opportunity to type or paste your resume within a text area as provided. As all Resume Submission Forms forward information directly to human resources immediately, you may expect a confirmation email acknowledging receipt of your resume usually within 2 to 12 hours from time of submssion. While Stavatti staff review all submissions, we cannot gaurentee that all candidates will be selected for subsequent phases of the career candidate screening process, including interviews. Stavatti receives thousands of employment applications annually and appreciate your patience and understanding regarding the time required to respond to your submission as well as identify and select talented new team members. 

You may use the form below to submit your resume to Stavatti Aerospace. All information submitted will be held in the strictest confidence

If you are applying for a specific position at Stavatti Aerospace, or applying in response to a particular job posting or solicitation, please include the Post ID and Position/Description in your submission form. 

Thank you very much for your interest in career opportunities with Stavatti Aerospace. We look forward to a bright future together.


General Information

Opportunity Post ID (If Applicable)
Opportunity Position (If Applicable)
Primary Email Address
First Name
Middle Initial
Last Name
Nation of Residence
Physical Address 1
Physical Address 2
Zip Code
Additional Information

Desired Employment Position or Field of Interest
Desired Employment Location
Current Stavatti Employee?
Former Stavatti Employee?
Stavatti Contractee Within Past 12 Months?
Current/Former DoD Employee?
Citizenship if Other
Do you Maintain Dual Citizenship?
Are You Willing To Relocate?
Date You Are Available For Work
Security Clearance
Most Recent Annual Compensation
Desired Annual Compensation
Educational Background

University Major Field
Mean Grade Point Average
University Name
University Name (Other)
Highest Level of Education (Completed)
High School (Name, City, State)
Apprenticeship or Training Programs
Your Resume

The Please type or paste your resume into the available text area. The resume in the text area will serve as the primary resume that Stavatti Aerospace recruiters will review unless you email an alternative resume with an associated cover letter directly to Stavatti Human Resources.

Telephone Numbers

Please tell us the best numbers at which to contact you.

Home Phone Number
Work Phone Number
Cell Phone Number
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