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Stavatti Receives Design Patent For SM-31 Stiletto

Stavatti Aerospace

June 23, 2020

On 23 June 2020 Stavatti was awarded the design patent for the SM-31 Stiletto by the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The patent number assigned to the design patent is US D887,949 S.

The SM-31 Stiletto is Stavatti’s next generation Advanced Supersonic Trainer (T/T-X) and Light Fighter (LF). Addressing a need for a 5th generation supersonic training aircraft by allied air forces worldwide, the Stiletto will be produced in both a two seat tandem advanced trainer configuration (SM-31T) and a single seat light fighter configuration (SM-31S). A high performance, low observable design with forgiving flight characteristics, the SM-31 draws from a global need to replace T-38 Talon, F-5 Freedom Fighter and MiG-21 Fishbed aircraft with a sophisticated, more efficient and more effective successor. Offering greater safety, reliability and capability than its predecessors, this new aircraft is a clean-sheet-of-paper aircraft . Featuring distinct low-observable styling, planform alignment, a 2-D thrust vectoring nozzle and a V-tail, the SM-31 is a novel design that qualified for a distinct design patent.

Powered by a single Honeywell F125-GA-100, F125X or F125XX afterburning turbofan, the SM-31 will be equipped with F-16 style flight grips, reclined Martin Baker MK18 ejection seats, a glass cockpit with Large Area Active Displays, a Canopy Embedded Display, HOTAS and integrated avionics. Benefiting from Electromechanical and Electrohydraulic actuators for primary control functions, the Stiletto will be an all-electric, Power-By-Wire (PBW) aircraft. Constructed from aluminum lithium and titanium and featuring aluminum lithium honeycomb sandwich skins, the Stiletto features a low observable, planform aligned configuration. With in-flight refueling capability, integrated avionics and 9-g plus maneuverability with standard air-to-air intercept stores, the Stiletto will be available in advanced trainer configurations without radar, as well as fully-equipped fighter variants with compact AESA radar and a comprehensive EW/Self Protection Suite. As a warfighter, the SM-31 is equipped with an internally mounted 20mm cannon and has both an internal weapons bay to carry two AIM-9X class AAMs as well as up to six external stores hardpoints to carry up to 7,000 lbs of external ordnance. Future SM-31S Stiletto fighters will feature proprietary Directed Energy Weapons for combat as well as active defense against missile threats.

The only truly next generation supersonic trainer under development today, the Stiletto can provide both advanced flight training, supersonic training, dissimilar air combat training and stealth aircraft engagement training. Designed to train pilots to fly next generation aircraft, the Stiletto will be capable of effectively engaging F-22 and F-35 class aircraft in simulated combat, serving as a valuable tool in training pilots in the engagement of stealth adversaries. The SM-31S Stiletto will also serve as the world’s most affordable stealth air defense fighter providing significant capability to nations in need of immediate boarder security against real threats. A potential solution for many future trainer and fighter needs, the SM-31 Stiletto will be the premier trainer-fighter.

Stavatti Aerospace Ltd. is an innovative aerospace defense enterprise focused on the design, development, and production of next generation aerospace vehicles. Stavatti Aerospace Ltd. is a privately held American Corporation with a CAGE Code of 8GT89.


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