Dimitriy Giebeler

Executive Vice President


Dimitriy Giebeler serves as the Executive Vice President for Stavatti Aerospace Ltd.  As Executive Vice President, Dimitriy is accountable to the President and Board and is responsible for implementing Stavatti’s mission, core principles and policies as established by the Board.

Dimitriy was born in Ukraine during the final years of the Soviet era. He attended primary school in Ukraine until the age of 14 when he moved to California. After making a transition to a new country, Dimitriy finished school at early age and began working for local companies. He worked in different fields and gained the experience and knowledge he needed to build a foundation. After few years of work he began studying international business, accounting and business banking. Dimitriy graduated with Business and Accounting Degree and begun working in the oil industry with a focus on oil field tooling and machinery.

For the next decade Dimitriy worked in the oil business, working directly with companies including Halliburton, Weatherford, BP, Baker Hughes-GE and many other oil field leaders. He gained over 10 years of needed experience in international business and advanced to new levels business development. During this time Dimitriy became a naturalized US Citizen and trained to become a private pilot. Earning the position of Executive Vice President in the Spring of 2018, with his guidance the Stavatti Team continues taking firm steps forward towards accomplishing its goals and embracing new opportunities