General Aviation

Capturing the Essence of Flight, Stavatti General Aviation will produce private aircraft that are practical, economical, inherently safe and fun to fly. A division of Stavatti Aerospace Ltd, the General Aviation Enterprise is responsible for designing, developing, prototyping, testing, certifying, manufacturing and supporting general aviation lightplanes, as well as business and executive aircraft. Concentrating upon single and multi-engine, piston and turbine powered aircraft for one to twenty five passengers, the general aviation enterprise will build FAA FAR 23 and FAR 25 type and production certified Normal, Utility, Acrobatic, Commuter and Transport category airplanes. Satisfying a wide range of personal aircraft needs, Stavatti general aviation vehicle types will include Single Engine Landplanes and Amphibians, Multi-Engine Landplanes and Amphibians, Light Sport Aircraft (LSAs), Very Light Jets (VLJs), Subsonic Business and Executive Jets, Supersonic Business and Executive Jets, Competition Aerobatic, Competition Flight Performance/Reno Air Race and Demilitarized Stavatti Combat Aircraft (Warbirds). Producing fixed wing, manned general aviation aircraft, Stavatti lightplanes and personal aircraft will be marketed worldwide to private individuals, flight schools, air charter services, and private organizations/companies in-need of light aircraft. Concurrently certified to Canadian and European airworthiness standards, Stavatti lightplanes will be marketed worldwide.


The vision of Stavatti General Aviation is to produce amazing new affordable aircraft. This vision addresses all manner of private aircraft, from Light Sport Aircraft to Global Executive Transports. To realize this vision, Stavatti has adopted a policy of transferring advanced military aircraft technology and manufacturing techniques to general aviation, resulting in spinoff technologies and business approaches to result in major paradigm shifts. Beginning with two seat Light Sport Aircraft that can introduce innovative technologies to general aviation faster than traditional FAR 23 category aircraft, as well as pioneering high performance FAR 23 sportplanes, Stavatti will bring about an evolution in general aviation.

Embodying significant advances in terms of technology, aerodynamic configuration and integrated systems to result in vehicles of higher performance, greater reliability and unprecedented affordability, Stavatti’s private aircraft will address the needs of a variety of market segments. The engineering department of Stavatti General Aviation is presently undertaking the detailed engineering design work to introduce aluminum lithium construction, Power-By-Wire (PBW) flight control systems, integrated adaptive avionics as well as new reciprocating and electric powerplants to general aviation on both low volume and mass production levels.


  • Aircraft Type: Next Generation Sport Aircraft
  • Seating: Two Seats Side-By-Side
  • Powerplant: 1 x Turbo Aerodiesel with 100 hp
  • Maximum Takeoff Weight:1,600 lbs
  • Useful Load: 575 lbs @ 4.0-g
  • Maximum Level Speed: 137 Ktas
  • Maximum Range (Internal Fuel): 850 nm
  • Basic Aircraft Unit Flyaway Cost: Contact Stavatti
  • Availability: Contact Stavatti
  • Replaces: Piper J-3, Cessna 140, Cessna 150, Ercoupe

The SM-150 is a Sport Aircraft intended to revolutionize general aviation and introduce flying to an entirely new segment of the population. An innovative, all-metal aircraft, the SM-150 combines metal sandwich construction with advanced styling, a next generation powerplant and an intuitive all-glass panel to result in the first mass produced every man’s airplane since the J-3 Cub. Offering a maximum level speed of 137 ktas, an MTOW of 1,600 lbs, and a useful load of 575 lbs, the fixed gear, single engine SM-150 Sport Aircraft will be powered by a single 100 hp/74.6 kW class powerplant driving a pusher propeller. A variety of powerplant options will be offered including turbocharged aerodiesel, electric, hybrid-electric and hydrogen. Envisioned as a 23rd Century J-3 Cub the mission of the SM-150 is to invigorate General Aviation with an aircraft of Star Wars Feel. Composed of advanced alloys, the SM-150 will be an extremely light-weight aircraft with a large area, Fowler flapped wing for superior short field performance. Offering a spacious cabin and high-visibility canopy, the SM-150 will be FAR Part 23 type certified and have an extremely competitive per unit base price. The SM-150 will also be available as an eVTOL Personal Air Vehicle (PAV).