The Simulation Division of Stavatti Aerospace Ltd. performs the design, production and support of internally developed simulation systems, models, software, tools and testing equipment in support of Stavatti Aerospace RDT&E.

Organized as a division in 2014, the primary aerospace products of Stavatti Simulation include Vehicle Systems Simulators (“iron birds”), Full Mission Simulators, Structural Test Rigs for life cycle fatigue and ultimate load/stress testing, Survivability Test Articles, Signature Test Articles, custom flight test instrumentation/telemetry as well as Flight and Ground Maintenance/Support simulators for customer training purposes. The majority of major testing and simulation functions associated with new aerospace vehicle development and qualification are the mission focus of Stavatti Simulation.

Stavatti Simulation is also responsible for the creation and support of X-Plane® compatible models of current and anticipated Stavatti Aerospace Vehicles. X-Plane® is a leading personal computer flight simulator for PC, Mac and other operating systems which is developed and supported by Austin Meyer/Laminar Research. Complimentary models of Stavatti Aerospace vehicles for use with X-Plane® may be downloaded from this webpage.


Flight Simulators are an essential element in the training and currency maintenance of flight crews, the exploration and expansion of modeled aircraft flight envelops and the orientation of flight test crews prior to their introduction to a prototype air vehicle. To address customer and internal needs with respect to flight crew instruction and new aircraft flight characteristics modeling, Stavatti Simulation or oversees the production of a wide variety of Ground Based Training Systems (GBTS).

A large portion of Stavatti’s GBTS focus concentrates upon the design and fabrication of full-immersion flight crew training systems which feature an authentic simulated aircraft cockpit section and crew station with fully functional controls, instrumentation and displays. These GBSFs may be of full motion or static projection display type benefiting from the latest data projection and holographic display technologies. These types of GBTS are control station driven, full flight characteristic modeling units for housing within dedicated training centers. Stavatti Simulation has selected Avia Training & Simulators of Kremenchuk, Ukraine to fully develop and produce full-immersion, full-motion GBTS and full flight simulators for specific Stavatti aircraft including the Javelin, Machete and Razor.

In addition to full flight simulators, Stavatti Simulation also addresses the need for workstation and personal computer compatible Desktop Flight Simulators (DFS) to model basic aircraft flight characteristics and serve as procedural trainers. Stavatti DFSs include two basic types: 1) Customized, vehicle specific simulators developed solely for the purpose of desktop simulation of a single aircraft type with a high degree of detail and accuracy, and (2) Flight Simulator Models of individual Stavatti aircraft which are fully compatible with popular MOTS and COTS desktop computer flight simulation environments.

DFSs of Class (1) are created in-house using unique and original source code of Stavatti origin, the intent of which is to result in a stand-alone product for the purpose of accurately modeling an individual Stavatti aircraft type to the greatest degree possible respective of the limitations associated with desktop computing. This product type is focused upon being an affordable alternative to full-immersion GBTS, however, may include military technical data of a restricted nature and be appropriate only for distribution to qualified customers.

DFSs of Class (2) are created in-house by Stavatti Simulation or under contract by a qualified industry team member. This type of flight simulator does not consist of Stavatti’s creation of the flight environment, but instead a model which is compatible with a specific simulated flight environment. This type of DFS consists of Models for popular flight simulators such as X-Plane® by Laminar Research and Microsoft Flight Simulator by Microsoft. This type of product and its utility is largely defined by the existing simulated flight environment as produced by an external vendor and is valuable as a mechanism to provide a demonstration of aircraft performance, flight characteristics and basic procedures while providing a large degree of entertainment.


Since its début, Stavatti has recognized X-Plane® by Austin Meyer and distributed by Laminar Research as a valuable tool for new aerospace vehicle conceptual design. Described as “the world’s most comprehensive, powerful flight simulator…(which)… has the most realistic flight model available for personal computers” (from About X-Plane, Stavatti designers began modeling particular aircraft in X-Plane’s Plane-Maker for personal use shortly after it’s introduction. In October 2005, Stavatti as an organization began looking into X-Plane as a conceptual design aid and subsequently began evaluating X-Plane® as one of a litany of tools used in the initial phases of design concept evaluation. For over a year, Stavatti’s use of Plane-Maker/X-Plane was limited to internal applications to model next generation concepts.

As a next generation aerospace vehicle manufacturer, Stavatti regularly receives requests by individuals interested in modeling future Stavatti aircraft, be it in the form of physical static or flyable R/C models or as simulators for popular PC applications. Having received numerous inquiries for technical data about Stavatti aircraft for simulator design, as well as a standing requirement to develop models appropriate for potential integration in Air Warfare Battlelabs, in late 2006 Stavatti management endorsed the formation of a team within the division which would become Stavatti Simulation for the purpose of developing accurate models appropriate for X-Plane® and commensurate desktop flight simulators for external distribution.

Models of Stavatti aircraft for X-Plane® version 9 and newer are available for download free of charge from the accompanying table. These models are officially endorsed representations of current, planned or potential Stavatti aircraft and aerospace vehicles offering a high degree of detail and incorporating features typical to X-Plane® models. All models featured on this site are original Stavatti designs, however, some also all provisional working models which are subject to future modifications and improvements and are not necessarily indicative of anticipated production aircraft. So whether you are a pilot, a warfighter, a student or are presently at an Air Warfare Battlelab, we hope you enjoy them.