Jeff Peer

Director of Flight Test & Chief Test Pilot

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Mr. Peer enjoyed an extensive professional career as an operational pilot/instructor pilot in the Israel Air Force between the years of 1961-1983, initially attaining positions of Deputy Squadron Commander for the first F-4 squadron in the IAF and Head of Instructor Pilot Training for the Air Force Academy. After graduating from the USAF Test Pilot School at Edwards AFB (class 74B) he became Chief Test Pilot and Commanding Officer of the Israeli Air Force Flight Test Center in 1976 having responsibility for extensive resources and personnel, while directing multi-program activity and personally participating in many flight- test programs, both in the fields of research and development and direct operational application. He held this position until his retirement in 1984. In this capacity, Mr. Peer also served as project pilot for development and subsequent OT&E of the Kfir attack/fighter. Mr. Peer also served as the IAF representative for the development and certification of the Arava (a twin engine utility and surveillance aircraft, developed by the Israel Aircraft Industries).

Mr. Peer’s background earned him the position of IAF Project Pilot for Control System Development in the Israel Aircraft Industries New Advanced Fly-by-Wire Fighter Program (LAVI), having direct responsibility for in-house simulation of both aircraft flight control system configuration and advanced HUD development.

After his retirement from the Israel Air Force in 1984, Mr. Peer served as Director of Flight Test Operations in the National Test Pilot School, based in Mojave, California. Mr. Peer taught the theoretical and practical aspects of a comprehensive test pilot school syllabus for both U.S. and foreign students.

Mr. Peer’s flying background spans over 45 years, 23 of which were as an operational military pilot, in over 30 types of aircraft, both of European and U.S. design. Among these aircraft are the Super Mystere, Mirage III, Kfir C-2, F-4E and F-15, all of which were flown in combat. He is credited with more than 5 confirmed kills and retained full operational status throughout, and including, his military test pilot career.

In 1985 Mr. Peer accepted a position with CALSPAN Corporation of Buffalo NY, serving as Engineering Test Pilot on many research projects, most concerned with flight control system development and integrated avionics systems testing, as well as instructing at the two U.S. Military Test Pilot Schools and in Europe in the field of aircraft flying qualities evaluations, flight control design and aircraft stability and control. He was the program manager for the Avionics Systems Test and Training Aircraft (ASTTA, based on the Convair 580), and for the Variable Stability Learjet. He holds a Commercial, MEL-I airman’s certificate with Learjet, Convair 340/440/580, L-39, CM-170 Fouga Magister and Civilian F-16 Type-Ratings and, until his separation from Calspan in 2005, was a qualified safety pilot in the USAF NC-131H Total In-Flight Simulator (TIFS), USAF NF-16D (VISTA), Calspan variable-stability Learjets and Beechcraft Bonanza upset-recovery-training aircraft. Mr. Peer also held a US Government SECRET clearance.

In 1990, Mr. Peer was promoted to Chief Test Pilot and Safety Officer for the CALSPAN Flight Research Group, coordinating a staff of eight Engineering Test Pilots, and in 1993 assumed the position of Director of Flight Operations as well. In this capacity Mr. Peer developed a complex GFR approved Flight Operations program, including off-site flight operations, and coordinated the extensive Government oversight of CALSPAN’s flight operations and property management including safety of flight, pilot qualifications and currency and GFE accountability.

Specific programs in which Mr. Peer participated as lead engineering research pilot include the T-45 HUD evaluation, the SAAB JAS-39 flight system evaluation, and a study to define NASP hypersonic vehicle flying qualities criteria. He was a member of the Swedish International Advisory Board for Flight Control System Development and was the first US pilot to have flown and evaluated the JAS 39 Gripen. He has also flown the NASA F-18 High AOA Research Vehicle (HARV) as a guest evaluation pilot, and has participated in the development of the NASA High Speed Research Vehicle / High Speed Civil Transport. Until June 2005 he was the primary test pilot for the USAF variable stability NF-16D. He has over 9,900 flight hours, more than half in high performance fighters.

In August 2006, Mr. Peer accepted a position as Senior Experimental Test Pilot at Adam Aircraft Industries, Denver CO and was active in the planning, coordination and performance of developmental and FAA certification flight testing on the A500 and A700 aircraft. In this capacity Mr. Peer was the FAA delegated Test Pilot DER for many certification tests on the A500 and for the initial certification testing that was accomplished on the A700. As part of the initial reorganization of Adam Aircraft in December 2007, Mr. Peer was promoted to Chief Test Pilot and served in this role until the Adam Aircraft Company was closed in January, 2008.
When AAI Acquisition Inc. purchased the assets of Adam Aircraft in April of 2008, Jeff was asked to stay on as Chief Test Pilot and Company Safety Officer. In this capacity he was responsible for all company testing that was performed in anticipation of certifying the A700 VLJ. He was also part of the new company’s Senior Leadership Team.

A total aircraft design review was initiated and product specific changes were identified. Until the end of October, 2008 AAI Acquisition had completed significant verification and pre-certification testing and was well on its way to FAA certification flying within a realistic and achievable schedule. AAI Acquisition was forced to close in April, 2009.

Mr. Peer also holds a current FAA DER Certificate (Flight Test Pilot / Flight Analyst).

As a hobby, Mr. Peer has owned and flown a Pitts S-2B and an Extra 300L aircraft, practicing aerobatics and participating in air shows throughout the Northeastern US as a solo aerobatics performer with a low altitude waiver.

Mr. Peer’s wife Leah completed a Master of Music Degree from The Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY and performs as a concert pianist and choral director and was, for many years, the music director of a Buffalo private school. Their two children, Jonathan and Michal, are aged 19 and 15.

Aviation Ventures Profile

Chris attended the University of Wisconsin-River Falls where he earned a BS in Physics and a Minor in History. While a sophomore he founded Stavatti Corporation to design and produce tomorrow’s military, commercial, and general aviation aircraft as well as manned space vehicles. In 1995 while a junior in college he established Stavatti Reconnaissance Systems (SRS) as a division of Stavatti to satisfy special access/compartmentalized contracts focused on Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance (ISR) aircraft in support of a defense intelligence customer. In 1996, while a University Senior, Chris was the Grand Prize Winner for the NASA Tech Briefs Technology Transfer-Letter Writing Contest which focused upon the transfer of NASA spin-off technology to private industry.

Upon graduation, Chris joined Stavatti full-time. In April of 2014 Chris reorganized the company, founding Stavatti Aerospace Ltd. Chris is currently the CEO and Chief Designer for Stavatti Aerospace. Initially concentrating upon air defense fighters, Stavatti’s focus has broadened to include the diverse array of new designs now under development today forming the basis of an enterprise that will last generations to come. Chris is pioneering innovative approaches to controlled high temperature fusion and is laying the foundation to establish shipyards to produce manned interplanetary and interstellar spacecraft.

Chris has been a member of the American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) where he was the youngest member of the Technical Management Committee and served as the Chairman of the Awards Subcommittee for the Hap Arnold and Von Braun Awards for Excellence in Aerospace Program Management from 2002 through 2013. Chris has also been a member of the AFA, EAA, AOPA, Society of Physics Students and other associations. As a private pilot, Chris has over 2,000 hours in various aircraft.