Norman K. Edwards

Director of Finance


Norman K. (Norm) Edwards is Stavatti’s Director of Finance. Norm had previously served as the Manager of Business Development for the Southwestern United States for Stavatti Corporation beginning in 2006. In addition to his role as a Director, Norm also participates in customer and Industry Team Member business development for California, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona as well as Texas and Oklahoma.

A 21 year veteran Command Pilot of the USAF, Norm retired at the rank of Lt. Colonel from the USAF/California Air National Guard in 1979. While serving with the USAF Norm accumulated over 3,700 flight hours flying military aircraft including the single engine T-34A, T-28A, T-33A, F-86D, F-86L and F-102. Norm also flew the multi-engine B-25, C-47, C-119, O-2 and U-3. As an FAA certified private pilot, Norm accumulated over 3,000 flight hours flying a host of general aviation aircraft ranging from Cessnas and Citabrias to Mooneys, Pipers and Beechcrafts. Norm has over 6,700 hours total flying time. At one point he had his own private aviation services company, Aviation Management Services, where he contracted with various smaller aviation related companies in their business planning and operations.

Since May 1994 Norm has also served as an independent business development consultant to various companies and projects working primarily in the areas of Management, Sales, Business Planning and Project Fund-Raising. These companies and projects included a low cost housing project for developing companies, a plastics injection-molding group to manufacture plastic pallets as a wood pallet substitute, Pre-IPO offerings in the communications as well as assisted living care fields. Norm also assisted in raising $10 million for an Internet company and $3 million for a twin-engine executive jet aircraft start-up. From 1996 to 1997 Norm assisted in the closing of three programs for Tiger Petroleum totaling over $8 million.

From 1991 to 1994 Norm was the Senior Vice President for Viking Resources Corporation of Cincinnati, OH. Viking Resources was a privately held oil and gas company based in Northeastern Ohio. Norm was responsible for marketing Viking’s Regulation D Private Placement Drilling programs and ensuring the participation of accredited investors. A total of $11 million was raised over three years.

From 1973 to 1994 Norm served as the Corporate Financial Officer and in various marketing positions with several Oil & Gas drilling and production companies located in Mississippi, Texas, Oklahoma, California and Ohio. These positions included his service as the as Director of Corporate Development & Marketing for Strata Programs, Inc. of Laguna Niguel, CA in 1990. Norm’s Duties with Strata Programs included corporate development work, business planning and the designing, structuring, implementation and marketing of Regulation D private placement drilling programs. Over this 21 year period Norm served as the Western Region Vice President for Bogert Oil Company of Oklahoma City, OK; as the Regional Vice President and later Senior Vice President of Marketing for Parker and Parsley Petroleum, Co. of Midland, TX; as the Vice President of Investor Services for Red Eagle Exploration Company of Oklahoma City, OK; the President of Seneca Financial Services, Inc. a NASD subsidiary, as the Vice President of Corporate Development and Marketing for Bracken Exploration Company, Oklahoma City, OK; the Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for the Seneca Oil Company of Oklahoma City, OK and the President of Tideway Financial Services, Inc-a NASD subsidiary of Tideway Oil Programs of Jackson, MS. During this tenure, total funds raised for the various programs exceeded $200,000,000 and he worked with two major NYSE firms, Smith Barney and Shearson as well as over 100 Regional NYSE and NASD firms in his fund raising efforts utilizing Private Placement Rule 146 and Public Registered Programs.

From 1961 to 1973 Norm was an NASD licensed Stockbroker with three different firms including two New York Stock Exchange Firms and on NASD firm specializing in overall financial planning. This experience launched Norm’s career in the Oil and Gas industry through his wholesaling and retailing of Oil & Limited Partnerships in 1968-69 when they first became popular with the investing public.

Between 1958 and 1961 Norm completed his B.S degree in Business Administration from California State Polytechical College in Pomona, CA.

From 1954 to 1958 Norm went through USAF Aviation Cadet Training and became a Jet Instructor Pilot. Norm received his wings and commission at Webb AFB, TX in June 1955. He attended Jet Pilot Instructor School at Craig AFB, AL and was then assigned to Webb AFB as an Instructor Pilot from November 1955 until January 1958. In 1960 Norm joined the California Air National Guard as a pilot and completed 21 years in the Guard and the Air Force Reserve, retiring as a Command Pilot with the rank of Lt. Colonel in 1979.

Norm attended Mississippi State University in Starkville, MS from 1952 until 1954 and graduated High School in 1952 from Clinton, MS. Born in Mississippi, Norm has been Married to his wife Elaine for 55 years and has three beautiful daughters.


B.S. in Business Administration, Cal Poly Pomona, CA 1961


NASD Series 22 and 63 (currently inactive status)
Instrument Rated Commercial Pilot with Single Engine and Multi-Engine Ratings with over 6,700 hours

Flight Ratings-Military Aviation

Graduated USAF Pilot Training Class 55-P, June 15, 1955. Graduated as and Aviation Cadet receiving Wings and 2nd Lt. Commission. Over the next 25 years served in the USAF, USAF Reserve and California ANG acquiring over 3700 flight hours. Flew the following military planes.:

(Single engine) T-34A, T-28A, T-33A, F-86D, F-86L, F-102
(Multi-engine) B-25, C-47, C-119, O-2 (Skymaster), U-3 (Blue Canoe-Cessna 310)

Flight Ratings- General Aviation

Norm formed a Flying Club in Southern California in 1960 and as Founder and President of it grew it to 21 airplanes operating out of six airports. Accumulated over 3000 flight hours civilian time. Norm Has flown the following civilian planes:

(Single engine) Aeronca, Citabria, Luscombe, Mooney Mite, Piper Colt, Tri-Pacer, 140, Comanche 260 (Ray Jay Turbo Charged), Cessna 120, 150, 172, 182, 205, 206, 210, Beech Debonair, V Tail Bonanza

(Twin engine) Piper Apache ( Ray Jay Turbo Charged), Aztec, Cessna 337 Skymaster, 310, 320 Skynight, Beech Travelair