Volodymyr Boryshpolov

Director of Aviation Safety

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Volodymyr Boryshpolov is the Director of Aviation Safety for Stavatti Aerospace Ltd.

Volodymyr has vast military, civil and international aerospace industry experience. His professional career began immediately after graduation from the National Aerospace University “Kharkiv Aviation Institute” in Ukraine, when a fresh graduate with Master’s degree in aircraft design and manufacturing joined the Aircraft Overhaul and Repairing Factory.

Soon thereafter, the ex-Soviet military system requested him to join the Air Force for 2-years of compulsory service. As a Lieutenant of Reserve, Volodymyr became Navy aircraft test manager at the Air Force Test Center, and rapidly grew up to the Lieutenant-Colonel rank and Chief Helicopter Test Unit position. He led and managed more than 30 Navy helicopter tests, both land-based and on the newly built naval ships.

Following the collapse of the USSR, Volodymyr joined the Air Force of Ukraine, and became Aviation Safety Inspector at the Air Force Headquarters. He was promoted to the rank of Colonel with responsibilities to inspect all aircraft maintenance organizations, investigate aircraft accidents, collect and analyze reports on aircraft incidents, computerize safety reporting database and draft key guiding documents on aviation safety.

In 1996 Volodymyr was selected to attend the USAF Air University Air War College, and, after graduation, was appointed as the Chief of International Cooperation Section at the Air Force of Ukraine Headquarters.

After 20 years of military service, Volodymyr retired from the Air Force and joined the United Nations. He served as the Regional and Mission Aviation Safety Officer, established and managed aviation safety programs in several UN field Peacekeeping Missions in various parts of the world (Kosovo, Bosnia, Macedonia, Croatia, Afghanistan and Georgia/Abkhazia), where aviation operations were conducted in challenging environment, with very limited or non-existent aviation infrastructure.

Since 2005 Volodymyr was selected to serve at the United Nations Headquarter in New York, where his most significant achievements included development and implementation of Aviation Safety Management System (SMS) tailored to the UN peacekeeping requirements.

After retirement from the United Nations Organization in 2017, Volodymyr decided to continue with his passion – aviation and safety, and joined Stavatti Aerospace as Director of Aviation Safety. He also serves as Safety/Quality Coordinator for Stavatti-Ukraine