Bill McEwen

Chief Operating Officer


Mr. McEwen joined Stavatti as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) in 2019.

Mr. McEwen has a diverse and expansive background where he has developed strong management skills while operating geographically diverse company operations. He has raised millions of dollars in capital for technology companies as well as maintained corporate relations with leading aviation suppliers in the United States with his work with Sukhoi Civil Aircraft and Irkut Aviation of Russia.

Mr. McEwen started his career in Logistics and specialized in computer software and aircraft parts. He was recruited at the age of 18 to be the station manager for Bekins Express and handled all operations in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Alaska. It was during this time that he was recruited to join a computer software company.

Mr. McEwen has more than 30 years of innovation and experience in computer software, hardware and internet related services. He has served multiple roles in the industry, including sales, marketing, product and project management. Mr. McEwen has successfully worked with Fortune 100 companies introducing new products and technologies. E-Mail, Internet, Electronic Commerce, Travel, Mobile, Desktop and cloud computing products have created a vast and wide knowledge that offers a unique skill set and strengths that are applied each and every day to his work and vision.

Mr. McEwen has been a part of the computer software industry since 1987, when he began working towards a solution in the development and creation of applications for multiple platforms. He was part of the team that created the dBFast line of products. These were the first tools that allowed a developer to create an application using the common dBase language and compile for various platforms using the same language, whether is was DOS, Mac or Windows. dBFast was purchased by Computer Associates.

Mr. McEwen then joined Adonis Corporation where he was the Director of Internet Related Businesses at the Connectsoft division in Bellevue, Washington. At Connectsoft he launched E-Mail Connection, Nordstrom Connection, Kid Mail Connection, Internet Connection, and various other award winning products. He developed partnerships with MCI, Prodigy, CompuServe, AOL, Earthlink, Microsoft, American Airlines, Nordstrom, and other leading companies in creating on line communication and the electronic distribution of content, applications and the move towards an on-line world. In 1997 Mr. McEwen was recruited by Gateway Computer to join the Amiga team, after the acquisition of the Amiga assets by Gateway. Mr. McEwen was in charge of Marketing, Developer and Community relations as well as being part of the team that helped establish the new direction for Amiga. In 2005 Amiga was acquired by KMOS, Inc. a Delaware Corporation where he named the President and CEO of Amiga, Inc. It was during his time at Amiga where he was introduced to Chris Beskar at Stavatti.