Customer Support


Stavatti is a diverse enterprise engaged in the creation and resale of a broad spectrum of products and services. Be it military aerospace vehicles, defense systems, executive aircraft, general aviation lightplanes and naval or land armament systems, all Stavatti products are accompanied by our commitment to Total Customer Support.

Total Customer Support begins the moment you first consider a Stavatti product. Stavatti is committed to providing you with all the technical information necessary to make an informed decision with regard to what best satisfies your needs. If you chose to procure a Stavatti product, we are here to provide complete delivery, training, spare parts, service letters, maintenance, repair, overhaul, upgrades and operational support throughout product life.

Customers are strongly encouraged to Contact Stavatti with any needs, comments, questions or concerns. Stavatti may be reached Monday-Friday from 8 AM to 6 PM CST at (651) 238-5369 or via email at


Stavatti’s core aerospace vehicle products include the SM-27 MACHETE™, SM-27 MACHETE™ and SM-47 SUPER MACHETE™. These aircraft are unclassified and are marketed by Stavatti primarily through Direct Commercial Sales (DCS) to qualified US and NATO allied air defense arms. These systems are now under development by Stavatti and have not yet entered Full-Rate Production (FRP). All images currently published by Stavatti depicting these three aerospace vehicles are computer generated renderings. Stavatti anticipates the SM-27, SM-28 and SM-47 to enter Low Rate Initial Production within thirty-six to forty-eight months after Stavatti receives sufficient purchase orders/procurement contracts to financially justify their initiation of production, or upon receipt of RDT&E funding from a specific customer or end-user entity.. These systems will not enter Full-Rate Production until they receive FAA Type and Production Certification and/or MIL SPEC Qualification. For security reasons, Stavatti is not publishing dates of aerospace vehicle prototype roll-out, Demonstration/Validation flight testing or LRIP. Stavatti will initiate a press release upon initiation of Full-Rate Production of each of these aircraft. Although these products are not yet in production, Stavatti is establishing a production backlog and is now taking orders for their delivery. Selected versions of these aircraft may also be available for pre-production as FAA EXPERIMENTAL category aircraft. Contact Stavatti for information relating to aircraft kits and EXPERIMENTAL variants.

Stavatti Aerospace Ltd. is engaged in the development of a number of air vehicles beyond the three core products. These products are in various stages of design and development and have not yet entered LRIP. Special Access aerospace vehicles and classified defense systems fall under the jurisdiction of the Advanced Development Company and/or the Stavatti Reconnaissance Systems (SRS) division.

Contact Stavatti directly for information concerning additional products including land armament, naval and missile systems.


Stavatti products are available for sale only to Qualified Customers. The requirements for customer qualification are based entirely upon the category type of product desired.


All Stavatti civil general aviation aircraft, including civilian/demilitarized versions of Stavatti combat aircraft (warbirds), and aerospace vehicles are available to sale to any private individual, corporation, government, trust or alternative entity provided that individual or entity provide current vehicle liability insurance upon delivery.


All Stavatti military aerospace vehicles and armament systems are available for procurement only by qualified US DoD government user agencies and established NATO/Allied militaries worldwide. Customers must procure all military aerospace vehicles and armament systems through a Fixed Cost Procurement Contract or Cost Plus Contract as conducted via Direct Commercial Sales or via a US DOD supported, Foreign Military Sale (FMS). All non-domestic, export sales are subject to prior approval and licensing by the State Department-Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC). All Stavatti military products and armament systems are subject to export restrictions. Stavatti cannot and will not provide military and armament systems to any of the following nation states:

Armenia, Azerbajian, Belarus, Cuba, Iran, Libya, Mongolia, North Korea, Syria, Tarjirkistan, The People’s Republic of China, Haiti, Liberia, Rwanda, Somalia, Sudan, Zaire and Zimbabwe


Additional Stavatti products are available subject to the restrictions associated with specific product category and type.


Stavatti encourages customers to visit a Stavatti sales facility prior to ordering a Stavatti product to review our available inventory. Stavatti also encourages the placement of product orders at a sales facility. Customers are invited to receive delivery of all Stavatti products at the facility from which it was ordered. Aerospace vehicles in particular should be picked-up by the customer at the factory whenever possible. This will eliminate delivery fees as well as provide a greater understanding of Stavatti’s Total Customer Support Capabilities.

Stavatti does provide delivery services for all Stavatti aerospace vehicles. Stavatti aerospace vehicle delivery typically consist of a ferry flight from Stavatti’s Point-of-Manufacture (PoM) to a mutually desirable customer location. Ferry flights are conducted by a qualified, on-staff Stavatti pilot. Delivery services may or may not incur an additional fee dependent upon the aerospace vehicle procurement contract.



Stavatti aerospace vehicles and all Significant Military Equipment (SME) is traditionally sold under a negotiated, Firm, Fixed Cost Contract (FCC). The payment schedule for new production, contracted aircraft, including those military, commercial and general aviation is: One-Third (1/3) total contract value at procurement contract signing, One-Third (1/3) total contract value at completion of “green” aerospace vehicle/defense system (prior to initiation of completion/painting) and One-Third (1/3) total contract value at delivery to customer/completed aerospace vehicle hand-off. In the event the customer is purchasing aerospace vehicles and SME from existing inventory, than procurement funds are 100% due at time of procurement/delivery.

USML 1-2-3

Current inventory USML 1-2-3 products are sold over-the-counter with 100% payment due upon purchase. USML 1-2-3 products which must be custom ordered from the manufacturer must be paid for 100% prior to order from the manufacturer, prior to purchase. In the event a purchase is not-consummated upon firearm delivery (i.e. customers do not pass a NICs background check, etc.), customers will receive 100% of their funds returned and the firearm will be returned to the manufacturer.


Acceptable cash forms payment to Stavatti include United States Dollars ($USD). Acceptable non-cash forms of payment include bank-to-bank wire transfer of funds, business checks, cashier’s checks or money orders. Credit and Debit cards are acceptable for specific transactions. Mail orders must be accompanied by business checks, cashier’s checks or money orders only. Orders may be faxed or emailed to Stavatti, however, all orders faxed or emailed to Stavatti must be preceded by a wire transfer or mail of funds to the Stavatti account prior to Stavatti’s initiation of action to satisfy the order. Contact Stavatti customer support for wire transfer instructions.


Stavatti understands that occasionally customers are dissatisfied. Alternatively, sometimes a Congress orders just one too many jet fighters! In either case, sometimes a customer needs to return a product.

Stavatti maintains a Standard Return Policy whereby if a customer is not satisfied for any reason, a product in LIKE-NEW Condition may be returned to Stavatti within 30 days of initial delivery for a refund, exchange or credit to your account. Products which are returned to Stavatti that are NOT of LIKE-NEW Condition may be returned to Stavatti if done so within 30 days for an exchange or credit only. Note that returned, NOT LIKE NEW items may be assigned a discounted exchange or account credit value based upon their degree of wear/use.

LIKE-NEW condition for Aerospace Vehicles is defined as less than 72 hours actual operating time (TACH TIME or HOBBs Meter) without significant sign of wear or use as to void warranty coverage.

Customers wishing to return Aerospace Vehicles, Armament Systems and Retail Firearms must deliver the items in-person to the Stavatti facility from which they were procured. Upon delivery, they will be inspected to determine their degree of LIKE-NEW condition and will be awarded an appropriate return value. Customers returning percussion, merchandise and other products may ship their item to the Stavatti office from which they were procured via USPS, UPS or FED EX. If customers desire an exchange, rather than a refund or account credit on items returned by shipment to Stavatti, please include a note specifying the item for which the returned item is being exchanged for. Customers are responsible for loss or damage of the returned item while in transit, hence Stavatti recommends shipping insurance. DO NOT SHIP COD.

All returns must be accompanied by a copy of the original invoice, receipt or production contract. Stavatti will not accept returns on items which are damaged by the customer or damaged due to use in conflict (battle damage). All returns may be subject to a 15% restocking fee. Refunds or credits will be assigned within 48 hours of receipt of the returned item by Stavatti.



Stavatti assigns each Stavatti aerospace vehicle with a 1,000 hour to 2,000 hour, Nose-to-Nozzle™, Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty. Stavatti expressly warrants each new aerospace vehicle (exclusive of powerplant and powerplant accessories as supplied by powerplant manufacturers which are covered under powerplant warranties), including factory installed avionics, armament, electronic countermeasures and additional factory installed equipment, both standard to the type and optional, to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of 1,000 to 2,000 flight hours beginning upon delivery of the aerospace vehicle to the initial end user.

Stavatti‘s obligation under this warranty is limited to repairing or replacing, at its sole option, any component or components which within the applicable warranty period are identified by the owner/operator. The repair or replacement of defective components under this warranty will be made by or through any Stavatti or Stavatti approved service facility without assessment of fee or cost to the warranty holder for components or labor for removal, installation and/or repair. All import duties, sales taxes and use taxes, if any, on such warranty repairs or replacement components are the sole responsibility of the warranty recipient.

This warranty will apply to any Stavatti aerospace vehicle, avionics and fixed aircraft equipment as integrated by Stavatti under production contract by the end user which has been flown, maintained and operated in accordance with Stavatti and other applicable manuals, bulletins, airworthiness directives and other written instructions. This warranty, however, does not apply to aerospace vehicles, avionics and fixed aircraft equipment as integrated by Stavatti under production contract by the end user which have been subject to misuse, abuse, negligence, accident or battle damage; or which have been altered other than by Stavatti, or contrary to applicable manuals, bulletins, and other written instructions provided by Stavatti, in any way that, in the sole judgment of Stavatti, adversely affects their performance, stability or reliability; or to normal maintenance services (such as powerplant adjustments, cleaning, control rigging, brake and other mechanical adjustments and maintenance inspections); or to the replacement of service items (such as brake linings, filters); or to normal deterioration of appurtenances (such as paint and livery) due to wear and exposure.

Each aerospace vehicle procurement contract will incorporate a complete description of all aspects associated with the Nose-to-Nozzle™ manufacturers limited warranty.


All armament systems will be subject to product specific Limited Manufacturer’s Warranties. Each armament system procurement contract will incorporate a complete description of all aspects associated with the manufacturers limited warranty.


Stavatti Merchandise, including hats, T-shirts, mugs, pens, flashlights, key chains, bottle openers, posters, jackets, quilts, beanbag chairs, ties, sling-shots, desktop models, etc. are not subject to a warranty. Stavatti produced Radio Controlled (R/C) Models may be subject to a warranty. Contact Stavatti directly for further information regarding Merchandise warranties.


All value-added retail products, including USML 1-2-3, are subject to warranties as provided by their respective Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). All warranty claims must be referred to the OEM.


For immediate technical support, Stavatti encourages you to CONTACT the corporation where you will be forwarded to a technical support provider.


All Stavatti aerospace vehicles and armament systems sold or leased will be accompanied by Stavatti provided maintenance and service ground schooling/orientation for one maintenance officer, Operation/Flight Simulation in a Stavatti owned and operated Full Mission Simulator for one officer/operator, Operation ground schooling/orientation for one officer/operator and practical training with one live unit for one officer/operator. This training is included in the unit cost of the aerospace vehicle/armament systems.

The purchase of a Stavatti aerospace vehicle or armament system also entitles customers to a lifetime of Continuous Learning and Improvement meetings whereby owners/operators and maintainers are invited to attend a monthly gathering at Stavatti production and service centers to discuss the latest technical information and operational concerns.

Stavatti is dedicated to providing complete training/orientation to the customer on all products produced by the Stavatti. Customers are encouraged to contract Stavatti to provide additional training aerospace vehicle and armament system operation/support training, either within Stavatti facilities, or in the field.


As the producer of aerospace vehicles and armament systems, Stavatti is best equipped to provide leading, specialized, warrantied maintenance services for all Stavatti produced products. Regardless of its date of manufacture, Stavatti maintains the entire history of every aircraft produced, ranging from original concept sketches to individual Bill of Materials. Benefiting from CATIA based engineering document control and Product Life-cycle Management (PLM), Stavatti knows the orientation of every graphite strand, the width of every laser weld and the placement of each Ti-Matic rivet on every aerospace vehicle to roll off the line. Be it a mass produced Stavatti core product, or a prototype demonstrator, Stavatti will provide complete maintenance solutions including:

• Service Inspections and Fluid Changes
• 100-Hour and Annual Inspections
• Field and Battle Damage Maintenance
• Major Overhaul and Depot Level Maintenance
• Interior/Cockpit Refurbishing
• Avionics, Instrumentation, Flight Control and Armament Upgrades
• Aircraft Rebuild, Reconstruction and Restoration

While Stavatti enjoys servicing Stavatti aircraft best, our expertise enables Stavatti to provide complete maintenance and support services for a wide variety of aircraft platforms, ranging from Curtiss Jennys and P-51s to Mirage 2000s and F/A-22s. Contact Stavatti if you are in need of individual aircraft or contract maintenance services alike.


Concurrent to the establishment of primary aerospace vehicle assembly facilities, Stavatti is establishing a global network of Stavatti Service Locations and Stavatti Technical Service Locations which are owned and operated by Stavatti.

Stavatti’s Primary Service Centers (PSCs) will include Stavatti aerospace vehicle and systems assembly facilities including potential sites such as Buffalo, NY and Boise, ID. These facilities are not only home to all new Stavatti aircraft, but also service, completion, warranty repair, spare parts production and warehousing/distribution. PSCs will conduct basic service and depot level support, as well as aircraft RCS measurement and calibration, aircraft battle damage repair and ground-up restoration, aircraft paint and trim, owner/operator/maintainer education and training, and internal systems upgrades and modifications. Stavatti projects establishing two PSCs in the United States and one PSC in the Pacific Rim at a yet to be determined site.

Stavatti Service Locations (SLs) will serve as complete service and warranty repair centers capable of performing basic service and depot level support alike. SLs are suitable for battle damage repair, owner/operator/maintainer education and training, aircraft paint and trim and internal systems upgrades and modifications. Stavatti SLs will serve as spare parts warehousing and distribution centers. Stavatti projects the establishment of three SLs on the North American Continent as well as seven facilities worldwide with locations in Asia, Africa, South America and Europe.

Stavatti Technical Service Locations (TSLs) will provide basic system servicing, major overhaul, battle damage repair and retail spare parts supply. Serving as front-line maintenance facilities, Stavatti TSLs will provide an equipped, knowledgeable service staff at no less than 20 locations worldwide to provide immediate systems support during wartime conditions.



Stavatti produces all necessary spare parts and components to assure complete aircraft supportability. Once an aircraft enters production, Stavatti establishes a stores base equal to 1/5th of the current, in-service aircraft fleet. Spares are available for direct purchase by all Stavatti aircraft owner/operators for direct purchase or purchase through a customer selected service center/maintenance facility.

Stavatti offers an on-line spares catalog for all non-classified, aircraft products. This catalog may be accessed by Stavatti aircraft owner/operators who are provided a username and password upon aircraft delivery. Aircraft owner/operators who purchased/procured Stavatti aircraft from a private party must contact Stavatti with proof of aircraft ownership for assignment of a unique username and password.

Stavatti does not offer an on-line spares catalog for classified aerospace vehicles and products. Operators of special access products which require spare parts support must contact Stavatti by secure means.


An organization based upon Tiger Team principles, Stavatti generally embraces customer requests to produce custom and demonstrator aircraft. Like Ryan aircraft of the 1920s or Douglas in the days of Cloudster, Stavatti has the ability to design a clean-sheet-of-paper aerospace vehicle, prototype it, flight test it and achieve FAA type certification for it within an extremely short time-span at reasonable costs.

Be it a scaled concept demonstrator or a fully operational special applications aircraft, Stavatti can produce between one and thirty custom aircraft using commercial practices and a Fixed Cost Contract Structure. Depending upon aircraft type, Stavatti can typically design and prototype an all new, experimental aircraft for custom or demonstrator purposes within 9 months. Stavatti can typically gain appropriate FAA type certification for an adequately financed, conformally prototyped experimental aircraft within 15 months. Typical concept to FAA type certification time for a custom or demonstrator aircraft is 24 months or less, dependent upon complexity.

The Fixed Cost associated with custom and demonstrator aircraft development, prototyping and FAA type certification is entirely dependent upon the design.

If you are a unique individual or entity in need of an original custom aircraft for one-off or demonstrator purposes and you enjoy Stavatti’s breathtaking styling and ability, call or write us with your thoughts. Custom and demonstrator aircraft concepts which Stavatti is particularly fond of creating include Amphibians, Supersonic Transports, Reusable Launch Vehicles, Reconnaissance Platforms, Reno Air Racers and STOL Utility Transports.


Stavatti produces military aerospace vehicles and weapon systems for the common defense of free sovereign states and the preservation of the United States as established in the Constitution by the founding fathers. Stavatti does not produce armaments for the purpose of wartime profiteering or the perpetuation of tyranny.

Stavatti does not engage in military weapon system sales to threat nations including: Armenia, Azerbajian, Belarus, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Tarjirkistan, The People’s Republic of China, Haiti, Liberia, Rwanda, Somalia, Sudan, Zaire and others. Stavatti actively engages in the business of building the weapon and intelligence systems necessary to render these threats impotent.

Stavatti recognizes that there are actual threats to free sovereign nations. These threats are actively pursuing dominance through terrorist and organized military action worldwide. Stavatti also realizes that there will be both conflict and war throughout the immediate future. Based upon Stavatti’s analysis of defense industry history, it is apparent that sovereign nations at war can hardly afford the basic equipment and armament systems necessary to maintain sovereignty. Military equipment is expensive enough in peacetime. Its immediate price is crippling in times of war, yet its long-term value is immeasurable in terms of preserving freedom and national sovereignty.

Based upon these facts, Stavatti has an established policy of not only increasing weapon system production to wartime surge requirements, but reducing weapon system profit margin to 1% to 5% for nations which procure Stavatti weapon systems for defense during times of war. If a free nation is at war, Stavatti will not unduly profit from supplying it those basic tools necessary for survival.