Richard E. Guild

Director of Military Aerospace


Dick Guild is Stavatti’s Director of Military Aerospace. Dick has extensive military experience including executive experience as the Deputy Director of Special Programs, Office of Assistant Secretary of the Air Force (Acquisition) and Vice President and Director of Technical Support Services for NSA, Inc. He was also a senior military analyst for SDS International. He is currently the President of Rampart Technologies, Inc., a professional services company supporting business development for RD&T advanced information and material technologies.

Dick holds an M.S. in Aerospace Engineering (Air Weapons) from the Air Force Institute of Technology and a B.S. from the U.S. Air Force Academy. He is a graduate of the National War College and served 16 years as an operational pilot, instructor pilot, or operational test pilot in F-105, F-111, F-4, F-15, A-7 and A-10 aircraft.

Dick is an experienced study director and principal investigator for analyzing military requirements, technology and weapon systems development, and operational testing and evaluation, and distributed multi-echelon training systems. He is experienced in technical program management, operational employment of tactical forces, automated mission planning, and information support systems.

Dick’s analysis and technical management responsibilities have included studies for low observable technology development, defining characteristics needed for future weapon systems and providing guidance for early concept development of offensive and defensive tactical systems. Had early involvement with formulation of requirements of mission planning and support systems to support fielding new strategic and tactical weapon systems.

Study projects supporting the Department of Defense, the U. S. Air Force, and Air National Guard that Dick has been responsible for include:

  • Ballistic Missile Defense Multi-Echelon Training System (DMETS) 2007
  • T&E of Joint Mission Planning Segment (JMPS) – 2000
  • OT&E of Air Force Mission Planning System (AFMPS) – 1999
  • Warfare Area Assessments of OT& E Test Resources – 1997
  • Assessment of Pilot Situational Awareness and Radar Warning Receivers – 1996
  • OT&E of AMRAAM for Institute for Defense Analyses – 1994
  • Desert Storm Air-to-Air Performance Study for Institute for Defense Analysis – 1991
  • Air Warfare Weapons Assessment for Institute for Defense Analyses – 1990
  • F-15 Modification Plan for Air National Guard – 1989
  • F-16 Aircraft Modification Action Plan for ANG and Air Force Reserve – 1989
  • Mission Support/Planning Systems for ANG and AFRES – 1988
  • F-15 Avionics/Aircraft Evaluation and Plan for ANG – 1987
  • Special USAF study applying emerging technologies to early future air superiority/air defense systems concepts – 1986

Dick has served as consultant to a federally funded research development center performing assessments of tactical weapon system OT&E programs. He also served as a technical advisor to a national laboratory with involvement in technology transfer of engineering concepts and prototype projects. Dick has worked on a range of technical areas, including computer sciences and information systems, command, control, communications and intelligence, and data fusion technology, hyper/multi-spectral sensing, and environmental and waste management technologies.

Dick developed digital simulation models and analytical methodologies while serving four years as a study director in Office of Assistant Chief of Staff, Studies and Analysis. Within that arena, Dick has performed studies addressing fuel, armament, and performance trade-offs pertaining to fighter requirements.

Dick has had extensive involvement in ACEVAL/AIMVAL test and dissemination of test results as well as definition of joint service, and NATO, requirements for AMRAAM and ASRAAM missiles. Dick performed studies that ultimately led to Air Force decision to develop and procure the F-15C/D aircraft (F-15 PEP 2000) and directed early development of TAC BRAWLER air-to-air simulation model. Dick has also performed study of options for developing Distributed Multi-Echelon Training System for Ballistic Missile Defense System.

While engaged in Operational Testing and Tactics Development, Dick was the focal point for dissemination of fighter tactics and operational test results to tactical air forces worldwide while serving as the Deputy Commander, Tactics and Test, 57th FWW. Dick established the initial publication of the 13 volume Multi-Command Manual 3-1, Tactical Employment, which sets forth the basic tactical guidance for U.S. Air Force tactical operations.

Dick streamlined operational testing and tactics development from test design to test reporting increasing significantly the number of tests performed and completed on schedule. He built up an operations analysis organization, established an aircraft software configuration management organization, and developed a qualitative rating criteria for operational suitability evaluations. Lead E-3 AWACS/Fighter Integration employment doctrine development.

As Director of Test Operations, 4450th TG, Dick was the focal point for establishing operational test requirements and analysis of systems performance during early phases of F-117A development. Dick designed tests to evaluate qualities of a mission planning system and integrate operational testing against threat systems to verify development test data.


M.S., Aerospace Engineering (Air Weapons), Air Force Institute of Technology – 1972
B.S., United States Air Force Academy – 1963
National War College – 1984
Armed Forces Staff College – 1974


Nov 1989-Present, President, Ramparts Technologies, Inc.
Dec 2004-Dec 2007, Senior Military Analyst, SDS International, Inc.
Jul 1987-Oct 1989, Vice President, Director Technical Support Services, NSA Inc.
Jun 1987-Jun 1987, Deputy Director for Special Programs (SAF/AQL)
Jun 1984-May 1986, Vice Commander, 57th Fighter Weapons Wing
Jun 1983-May 1984, Student, National War College
Sep 1981-May 1983, Deputy Commander, Tactics and Test, 57th Fighter Weapons Wing
Feb 1980-Aug 1981, Director of Test Operations, 4450th Tactical Group
July 1978-Jan 1980, Wing F-15 Project Officer, 33rd Tactical Fighter Wing
July 1974-Jun 1978, Analyst, Assistant Chief of Staff/Studies and Analysis
Nov 1973-Jun 1974, Student, Armed Forces Staff College
Jun 1972-Oct 1973, Flight Commander, F-4E, 555th Tactical Fighter Squadron
May 1970-May 1972, Student, School of Engineering, AF Institute of Technology
Jul 1968-Apr 1970, Standardization Officer, F-111A, 442 Tactical Fighter Training Squadron
Jun 1967-Jun 1968, Wing Tactical Operations Staff Officer, 347th Tactical Fighter Wing
Jun 1965-May 1967, Pilot Tactical Fighter, F-105, 35th Tactical Fighter Squadron
Sep 1964-May 1965, Pilot F-105, 4523rd Combat Crew Training Sq, Nellis AFB, NV
Aug 1963 1964-Aug 1964, Pilot Training, 3500 Pilot Training Wing, Reese AFB, TX

Professional Organizations and Affiliations

National Defense Industrial Association
Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association
Military Operations Research Society
Air Force Association
U.S. Naval Institute
Order of Dadaelians
Red River Valley Fighter Pilots Association
Association of Graduates, USAF Academy

SDS International, Inc.
Air Force Association
Red River Valley Association